360° Development

Growth is a natural process, but development required deliberate intervention. The Combination of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude only help a management student to develop into a successful professional. Right mixes of these three ingredients make the difference and put our students a cut above the rest. At GIMS students are exposed to skill development class, Shaping of attitude workshops, in addition to attending regular classes for Knowledge enhancement.


Right KNOWLEDGE is a critical success factor in business. The right knowledge implies relevant, contemporary and cutting-edge knowledge, in the theory and practice of a variety of core, functional and integrative subjects. As practice precedes theory in business, equal emphasis is placed on concepts and applications. This blending of ideas and actions is achieved through various pedagogic techniques like lectures, case studies, business games, the summer internship program, the management research project, etc.


What matters most in business is what one can actually do. Doing well implies mastering and applying the SKILLS - professional, personal and human - required for effective decision-making and execution. GIMS trains the students in these skills through a series of soft-skills lab sessions scheduled over the duration of the program. In addition, case-based learning at GIMS helps students develop good analytical skills.


We help the students in shaping up their ATTITUDE, One of the vital ingredient of success in life is to face the challenges with a positive frame of mind set. (It is said that avoiding a problem only increase the distance from the solution). Factors such as Seeking opportunity, positive thinking, risk-taking, opportunity-seeking, adapting to change, and achieving a proper balance between divergent goals of life. GIMS helps students develop the right attitudes, and encourages them to grow into an individuals capable of taking up leadership positions.

360° Learning



Student Achievement:- GIMSIANS have bagged the first prize in Interstate level competition organised by one of the premier institution of Andhara Pradesh.

Study Tour :- GIMS not only emphasizes the theoritical knowledge but also in practical knowledge through study tours.Recently our students visited J K PAPER MILL.