After successful completion of a decade in academic performance, we the management, faculty, staff and students of Gandhi Institute of Management Studies had the pleasure of hosting "GIMS Alumni Interaction - 2010". The successful career establishments and placements of GIMSians in various prestigious assignments around the Globe has become an exemplary direction to the rest. We deem to be pride and honoured because of your success in grabbing such prominent places in the field of management.

We also feel the importance of our Alumni in reaching extra miles for accomplishing a milestone in the management scenario for times to come. With pleasure and admiration, we take this opportunity for inviting you to your Alma Mater - GIMS Campus, Gunupur to have a collective discussion about our vision to place GIMS in the World Map of Management. Most importantly, for this endeavour, your co-operation and patronage is highly needed to share your dream and vision with your younger generation to make their career brighter.

As Our Alumni Speaks:

"GIMS is a GURUKUL where we are grown to fight and stand in the world class competitive environment and sustain up to one's own and company's satisfaction".

"A special and hearty thanks to Chairman Sir Prof. S. P. Panda for establishing such an institution in our locality through which we are now in the MNCs".

GIMS is a dream destination for management education:

  • I am proud to be a GIMSian. I still enjoy GIMS advantage in the corporate corridor.
  • GIMS days were full of life.
  • I am thankful to my alma mater for being where I am today.
  • The pedagogy at GIMS strikes a delicate balance between theory-building and practice.
  • I got my first job at City Bank.
  • I still remember the day when I was placed in Axix Bank.
  • Placement is taken for granted at GIMS.
  • I have come with flying colours at the end of two years from GIMS.
  • Thanks to GIMS, Gunupur, I am at Idea Foundation.
  • Because of GIMS, I am at Borosil.
  • Two-years of rigorous groom at GIMS has landed me at Enercon India in HR.
  • GIMS has ignited my imaginations.


Student Achievment:- GIMSIANS have bagged the first prize in Interstate level competition organised by one of the premier institution of Andhara Pradesh.

Study Tour :- GIMS not only emphasizes the theoritical knowledge but also in practical knowledge through study tours.Recently our students visited J K PAPER MILL.