Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), which is a gateway to a career in professional management, is tailored to cater to the needs of present-day demands of the corporate world. Imparted in a conducive learning atmosphere alongside myriad of other technical and professional programmes run by the umbrella group of Gandhi Group of Institutions, the course is students' real delight in that at the end of the course, the takeway is overwhelmingly colossal.

A strong foundation is the base for a vibrant structure. The pedagogy is so engineered to plant the basics of a management course in students that in years to come, it will solidly anchor the graduates to a smooth sail. We offer specializations in marketing, human resources, finance and in other emering areas to enable our students either to embark on a management profession or to pursuie their post-graduate degree in management in reputed institutes. The curriculum blends theory with applications to make these budding managers more resourceful.

It's a home away from home. Grooming students to take challenges of tomorrow is our essense. Individualized attention of students is one of the hallmarks of the institute. To our valued parents, we can say 'your child is in safe hands'.

We turn our students into comsopolitans. There is every chance that your child will be meeting a foreign national out of every five students he stops to talk to. Variety is the spice of a cosmopolitan life. We live it every day at GIBS.

We literally produce a Solomon out of you at the end of the BBA course!